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Upcoming Shows...!

Upcoming Shows!

Here are a list of shows that are open to public and worth coming out to see us play!

We would love to see you there! :)

May 17th at St. Mazie in Brooklyn 8-10pm quartet show with Brian Nalepka, Charlie Judkins & Andy Stein!

May 19th at Arthurs Tavern in The West Villiage. 7-9:30. 5-peice show with Colin Hancock, Brian Nalepka, Charlie Judkins, and Andy Schumm.

May 21st at Flatiron Room trio with Charlie Judkins & Brian Nalepka - 5:30-8:30pm

May 25th at Ferns 5-7pm then One Dime Wednesday in Brooklyn 9pm

May 26th at Arthurs Tavern 7-9:30pm, quartet show, Dan Levinson, Brian Nalepka, Charlie Judkins

May 28th at Flatiron Room - 5:30-8:30pm

May 30th at Fine and Rare - 6-9pm

May 31st at St. Mazie - quartet show with Brian Nalepka, Charlie Judkins and Andy Stein

June 1st Ferns

June 4th at Flatiron Room 5:30-8:30pm

June 6th at Fine and Rare - 6-9pm

June 11th at Brookdale Reformed Church in New Jersey at 4pm -

August 12th & 13th- Birdland Theater- quartet show with Andy Stein, Brian Nalepka, Charlie Judkins

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