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"Miss Maybell plays banjo and taps her steel brushes on a tricked-out washboard. She also commands an impressive kazoo, but the secret weapon they unleash is Maybell’s vocals — deep and strong enough to join an angel choir with the likes of Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday." - New Hampshire Magazine

"Miss Maybell (Lauren Sansaricq) and Charlie Judkins share a groove that is truly timeless."- The Syncopated Times 2019

Listening to this CD, it would be easy to believe that much of the music was recorded in the mid-1920s. Miss Maybell (Lauren Sansaricq) has a vocal style that is similar to that of the classic blues singers of the era, ranging from Ethel Waters to Bessie Smith without copying any one vocalist. She puts plenty of bluesy feeling into the songs (which include both vintage blues and vaudeville-type songs), she swings, and she also plays washboard. Pianist Charlie Judkins is a ragtime and stride pianist and is very much a complete band by himself in addition to begin a tasteful accompanist. - LA Jazz Scene

"Judkins is a genius piano player, he plays the whole band in the best style" - Syncopated Times , July 2019 

Heyyy! We got 5 fun shows this weekend..
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