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Order Our Newest Album!

We are so excited to announce our newest record is out now via Rivermont Records!

Follow this link below to Purchase your copy today!

Miss Maybell and Charlie Judkins have been charming and dazzling audiences since 2018 with their lively performances of jazz, pop, and ragtime songs of the 1890s-1920s. Miss Maybell's distinctive deep contralto voice pairs perfectly with Charlie Judkins's imaginative ragtime piano accompaniment, and the couple has toured around the globe, earning a well-deserved reputation as two of the most engaging and authentic performers of this historic musical style. For their debut Rivermont record, Miss Maybell and Charlie have selected a few obscurities and a few favorites that are sure to delight. Lovingly recorded at the Peter Karl Studio in New York in 2022, this hefty 180-gram red vinyl pressing captures all the warmth and clarity of the performances with thrilling clarity and "punch." Accompanying Miss Maybell and Charlie Judkins on this record are: Colin Hancock (trumpet and C-melody saxophone), Dan Levinson (clarinet and C-melody saxophone), and Brian Nalepka (tuba, string bass, and backing vocals).

Note: This is a stereo, microgroove, 12-inch vinyl record meant to be played at 78 RPM. It is compatible with all modern turntables (post-1950s) fitted with a stereo cartridge and capable of spinning at 78 RPM. Use an ordinary LP stylus; no special stylus is required. This record should NOT be played on vintage "wind-up" machines with steel needles.

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